Since its inception, Rowster Coffee has always been dedicated to roasting beans whose wealth of flavors can surprise even the most experienced palettes. This is great for those who love spending hours musing over acidity, mouthfeel, or aroma. But even we can get burned out on critiquing and criticizing coffees which—by any standard—are incredible. We know that coffee is more than competition, and that the daily morning brew isn't a cupping session. Some days we just need a good cup of coffee and we know that most people do too.

In the Spring of 2012, we began Regular Coffee to meet this noble demand. Rather than exclusively roasting the award-winning coffees, Regular gives a voice to the runners-up by employing the same care, art, and precision as we do with all our coffees. The farmers are happy because they get a fair price and their beans get the treatment they deserve. We're happy because we can share quality coffee with more people at an affordable price. And of course, you're happy, because when good coffees get the best roasters you get a better cup of joe.

Regular Coffee is a subscription service that gets this fresh coffee to your door. Each 1.5lb tube of Regular is $20 and you decide how many you want and when you want them. On the website, simply set the parameters for how many tubes you want and how frequently you want them delivered. Whether you want one a month or four a week, we'll make sure to roast your order, package it, and ship it to your door with the same regularity as the paperboy or milkman. 

So if you love good coffee (and who doesn't?), we're proud to offer you some incredible beans that come without the fuss, without the pretense, and without the pricetag. If you're looking for a better brew, check out Regular Coffee today.